Empresa Curvados Quintin

Over the past 50 years we have developed extensive experience in the metal bending sector which, combined with our highly trained team and the constant application of technical improvements, makes us a reference point and leader in the metal bending sector.

We have installations of over 20,000 m2 that are home to a wide range of next generation tube bending machines that can meet any bending requirements.

Our team has a fixed workforce of between 45 and 50 people. Composed by qualified professionals, to study and advise you on your needs, ensuring a direct follow-up of all our works. In addition to staff with level 2certifications for Visual Inspection and Penetrating Liquids.

Some of our main products are: brackets for tube bundles, coils, rings, cones, stringers, handrails for helicoid staircases, trusses for timber frames in tunnels and flanges and frames for the wind sector.

When manufacturing our products, quality is always our main objective, and this aim led us, in 2006, to certify our quality control system according to regulation ISO 9001.